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Packaging & Moving Advice

It’s important to organise and package your things well before putting them into storage. Here are some tips to help you:

Tip 1. Start planning your packing early before you move.

  • Start with the rooms/things you use the least and pack a few things up.
  • Work out how long it took you to pack these items and then try to imagine/work out how long it will take you to pack all of your things. You should also be able to work out how many boxes and storage bags you will need.

Tip 2. Get the packaging supplies you need.

  • Local Supermarkets and shops can be a good source of free boxes.
  • We can often also source the packaging materials for you on request.

Tip 3. Pack and protect everything you store.

  • Completely fill each box so that nothing can move around and get damaged in transit.
  • Always pack heavy items like books in small boxes for easy lifting.
  • Make a list of your stored items and label all your boxes for easy identification.
  • Use vacuum storage bags on delicate items like clothes and bedding to avoid any damage from normal air moisture.
  • Use uniform box sizes where possible for easy stacking.
  • Cover furniture to avoid damage in transit and damage from things being stacked on them whilst in your storage unit.
  • Protect and pack mirrors and picture frames individually by packaging and sealing them. Try to store them on their edges, not flat to avoid being stepped on.

Tip 4. Arrange your storage unit to suit your needs

  • Keep items that you need regular access to at the front or in a walkway in your unit.
  • Leave walkways in your unit to give you better access to more of your things.
  • Try to leave a small space between walls and your items to allow for ventilation and air circulation.
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