Household Storage

If you’re moving house, re-decorating or just want to create more living space in your home, we have the solution! We provide private storage units with 24/7 access, for you to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Why do you need storage?

  • Moving Home – Storing with us during the house moving process is a common reason people use our service. De-cluttering, helps to show off your home and impress potential buyers. When the time comes to move house, you can use your storage unit to manage the process of bringing your things into your new home at your own pace.
  • Need more space – A great way to create more living space without moving to a bigger house is to put some of your things into storage. You’ll still have 24/7 access to them anytime you need them without reducing your living space!
  • Re-decorating or Renovating – Keep your things from getting damaged while you work on improving your home and give yourself the room to work in during this time.
  • Seasonal Item Storage – If you don’t have space at home for seasonal items like Christmas decorations, garden furniture or garden toys then keep them in a storage unit at our facility just for the periods that you need. You can change units at any time if you need a smaller or larger unit for different items.
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